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NishFest 2021: The NEW standard of Anime Conventions!

NishFest sets the tone for Anime Conventions in DFW!

Some people call this the "Post-Pandemic" era of the world with things slowly opening back up, but like it or not, we are still dealing with COVID-19 and its effects on the world. With that said, #NishiFest was the first con we had attended as press! We were hesitant, but the crew has been boarded indoors, attending virtual cons, socializing through discord, twitch, and even the loveable Animal Crossing. So, when Nishfest appeared on our radar, we all decided that we had to go and break through this period of being Conless (yeah, I just made that up! roll with me here).

VIA @NishiFest on Twitter
My Hero Academia Voice Actor Panel

We arrived at Esports Stadium in Arlington, TX, and it was our first time there. Although it was a one-day event, it was a well-organized event with various usual attractions from guests such as Caitlin Glass, Mike Mcfarland, Michelle Rojas, Emi Lo, Jim Foronda, Leah Clark, and Ricco Fajardo. Those were just the voice actors alone, but we also had a few cosplayers make guests like Stella Chuu, D-Piddy, Danielle Denicola, Bindi Smalls, Alliecat Cosplay (discord buddy), and YAYA Han in all her awesomeness.

The gaming area was the main attraction and my favorite because it felt like the ultimate chill spot; now that I have been in this stadium, I am requesting Texas make one of these in each city. Having an Esports stadium would be a great attraction, especially how the stage was set for the after-party.


Now the after-party started, all right, honestly. At first, there were few people dancing, and I get it this was just the appetizer until the mistress herself, Seduza, arrived on stage, and then it became a party. Although the sound was not as loud as many fans were requesting due to the previous music playing broke some of the speakers, she managed to keep the crowd flowing with killer beats and moves on the stage that made all of us get hyped and bring the hype moving on even for an encore even though it was time to close. Seduza then made her way down the stage to thank all of us, and we thanked her in return for keeping the party going. Now that's what I call not only a trooper but a real DJ, and I hope to see more of her at future cons.

Final Thoughts

Many people have stated that Anime Conventions would never be the same after Covid-19, but #Nishfest2021 planted its flag in the great state of Texas and said, "WE HERE NOW!" and a statement was made! With just one day, con-goers and more from the anime culture gathered and reveled in the atmosphere that Nishfest brought forth! They delivered on all fronts, and with more conventions looming in December, Nishfest has set the tone of what Anime Conventions can genuinely be about! From everyone here at Weekly Replay, see you guys on the next one; stay classy, nerds!


We can not stress enough that you did not attend this year; trust us when we say you must make it to the next one!

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