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Sauce Rating Guide 

  • Why do you rate anime?
    Sauce Ratings goal is to help the culture better by rating and curating anime so that they can easily compare and identify animes. We strive to give them an incentive to watch a series.
  • Ratings VS Rankings?
    Our ratings are not rankings. We do not identify the best performing / most popular. Nor, do we assign ratings to anime based on where they fall in a top-to-bottom ranking. We believe that rating anime according to rankings would mislead viewers and provide an unfairly score.
  • Ratings that pass the scale?
    Some anime have a perfect score of 5/5 but in some cases they receive a additional star due to the anime season/series having a flawless run. Where there is little to no errors. Thus these Animes receive the prestigious 6-Star Rating.
  • What is measured in the ratings?
    We measure anime by their pacing, animation, storytelling, plot, overall enjoyment and visually entertaining. However, we look at the spectrum in this matter: Was the show memorable, enjoyable, and how did it make me feel and is it recommendable to newer viewers.
Our ratings are not always set in stone. Just because we rate an anime does not mean it can not be reevaluated and redacted. Anime is like music. Sometimes you watch it once and you hate it but after-while you watch it a couple more times and you really find yourself enjoying the series. An opinion is an opinion and just like ours it is not be taken as undeniable fact. The culture has its favorites and its non-favorites. Some people love One Piece, others don't. Some enjoy Sword Art while others hate it. No matter what side you are on, the fact is we can engage and discuss the art and enjoyment of being a fan of anime.
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